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Algorithmic Trading, Reimagined

We provide unique insights using a Quant-driven approach to Investing and Technology driven Trading Automation.

Supported Brokerages for our platform

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Build algorithms with Shark Sigma

Create end-to-end trading systems. Convert your rules based mechnical system into a completely automated algorithmic system.

Backtesting Engine

Backtest your analysis with or without coding with our building blocks.

Asset Allocation

Build tactical asset allocation with our Analysis and Portfolio Optimization software

Technical Analysis

Apart from Standard Technical Indicators, build custom indicators

Automated Execution

End to end automated algorithmic trading.

Strategy: Intraday Breakout

BUY: 5% x AAPL Entry: 200.45
SL 1%, TP 2%

Save time on development.

Our goal is simple: Traders should spend time on algorithmic research rather than strategy execution. Compatible with brokerages across the world.

Jarvi$: Optimize Alert

Reduce drawdowns with Parameter Optimization

It’s everything you’ll
ever need.

From backtesting to forward testing and paper trading. From completely automated executions to one-click systems. Research once, deploy anywhere, any time.

Multi-Asset Classes

Equities, Forex, Derivatives



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O damn. That looks lit.


Options Trader

@Invsto Got all of them. 937 shares of NERV. Woo…


Options Trader

The bot took "huge" and sold today. Yayyyy.. @Invsto

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Whether you're a Quant or a Charting Geek, the goal of our products is to help you maximize returns while minimizing drawdowns. From backtesting to live executions.